3 games of 20 Questions: IWD2022

Paul Sockett
2 min readMar 8, 2022
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I happen to co-exist with someone whose birthday coincides with International Women’s Day. I love to share words of witness with her on this day where the world’s women are celebrated while I also get to celebrate the otherworldly being she is.

I am currently in a phase of absorption with regards to writing, so I am not expressing myself with words much at all. I chose to put pen to paper and see what words came out and then make a choice of whether to share or not. What came out was a short poem, which I choose to share. If you enjoy any part of it, or something resonates with you then please feel free to share if that feels good to you; you are safe here.

3 games of 20 Questions

Game 1

  1. Is it an animal? Yes.
  2. Is it a vital animal? Yes
  3. Can it fly? Yes.
  4. Is it a powerful animal? Yes!
  5. Is the animal hunted because of its power? Yes…
  6. Can it transform? Yes.
  7. Is it woman? YES!

Game 2

  1. Is it a vegetable? Yeah.
  2. Does it grow roots? Yeah.
  3. Is it vital? Yeah!
  4. Has it evolved to grow in darkness? …Yeah
  5. Is it delicious? Yeah!
  6. Is it capable of weathering all conditions? Yeah.
  7. Is it woman?? YES!

Game 3

  1. Is it a mineral? Yes.
  2. Is it found only on this planet? Nope.
  3. Is it vital? Yes!
  4. Is this mineral wrongly mined, used and discarded? …Y-
  5. Is it home in earth, is air, in sea, in flame? Yes yes yes yes.
  6. Was it present in the beginning? Yes.
  7. Will it be there at the end? Yes.
  8. Is it woman again? YES!

Happy International Women’s Day, you elemental beings, you. And happy birthday to my love. You truly are my favourite. I have chosen you every single day and I love that I get to honour you, learn from you and stand in awe of your existence.

Much ginger love 🧡



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