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Word 1: Choice

Words, to me, are vital to how we navigate and negotiate space, be it internal, physical or interpersonal so I want to start by saying that when I use the word choice, it is not the same as decision. I believe every word contains energy, which stems from our lived experience of and exposure to that particular word, which means our definitions of each word are different. This is why we can be having a conversation/heated debate/argument with someone about, say, ‘communication’ in that relationship (ironic, I know) and what each person expects ‘communication’ to look like between two people can be vastly different, hence the clash. It is common to use the words choice and decision synonymously, but I see them as so intensely disparate that I feel it is useful for decision to be mentioned.

  • commitment is better or more important
  • ‘knowing’ what’s to come from the choice makes an option more valid and worthy of selection (which is decision not choice)
  • (Insert yours here)

Choice asks, “What does your next step look like?” Decision asks, “What does your final step look like?”

Either way, you need to make a step. Regardless of whether you choose it or decide it, you are enough. And you ALWAYS get to change your mind if you feel called to.



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Paul Sockett

Paul Sockett


A silly & sensitive storyteller; a word reframer. I am a fierce advocate for Shame- & Scarcity-free choice. 🍦 inspires me: https://ko-fi.com/paulsockett