To Shes & Hers

Paul Sockett
2 min readFeb 7, 2022
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Everyday is the day to celebrate women and their power.

It’s officially International Women’s Day…in March. I wrote some words a couple of years ago on that day in order to honour all Shes and Hers and I thought I’d share it here and schedule it for March 8th, but what-the-actual-funk. Every day is a day to acknowledge, celebrate and simply see Shes & Hers everywhere. So here it is, today on Febraury 7th, 2022 sharing what I feel and witness every day.

This piece may grow or shift but on this day, these words of love and full-moon flow continue to fiercely resonate with me, and so I share as it is. I am blessed to co-exist with a Cosmic She. Angie Cole moves energy and helps people change their lives for the fiercer and I adore, support and encourage every facet of her.

Raising Ships

She rises, for it is Her time
She shines full, hooded, the night sky draped around her shoulders, covers all.

The tented moon
pulls tight Her Wiccan cowl
draws blood from Her,
Rooted soil to swollen womb.

The night wind carries Her breath -
Her call, a wolven howl, a Goddess Alala War cry.

Feel it.
Deep water still no more.
Feel it.
The flood will save only prisoners of the Ages.

The held depths shake loose and lift all prior attempts of male conquest clear of the surface to sail once more.
The Sirens’ call was not a call for him
It was NEVER for him
It was not to punish
He was just in the way
The ululation sent bone-deep vibration out, far, high, wide.

A call to arms.

And now each ship is headed by, crewed and buoyed (ironically) by all the Shes and Hers; those who are the Elements.


To herald, heal and harness Hers.

To witness Her access these, unstifled and in Her full Space is to witness the birth of new life; the Cosmic She of creation and destruction.
A phenomena and privilege we should all strive to observe.

It changes EVERYTHING.

I love you all. I see you. I hear you.

Much ginger love 🧡

(Is there and element that resonates the most to you? Do you feel the integration of all 4? Feel free to share in the comments if you wish. And if you want other Shes & Hers to receive these words of witness then share away).



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