When doing a to-do list is a big to-do

  • Writing down everything we have to do
  • Remembering what groceries we want this week (but I bought ice cream a week ago!!)
  • Letting people know what you want for Christmas/The Holidays
  • To bullet journal our lives into more bitesize chunks because we have so much to get done
  • To cross off tasks, regardless of what they may be (ok, yes, I put ‘wash dishes’ on there after the fact just so I could cross it off. Big whoop! Wanna fight about it?!)
  • To give ourselves hurdles to have to overcome
  • To show others how busy we are and therefore prove our validation
  • To stop us from feeling our feelings by distracting us from stillness and silence
  • To get clear on what we want to achieve and receive and buy so we create lists for all of those to create action plans and each of those action plans gets its own list and suddenly you look like Jim Carrey covered in Post-It notes in Bruce Almighty which stops us from taking the courageous first step in any of the things we say we want but putting a plan together is important and means you care about it and you don’t want to make a mistake because mistakes suck (truth) and I made a mistake when I was a kid once and I got ridiculed for it and so making a mistake means I’m stupid or silly or weak or…
  • To help give order and/or simplification to considerations and curiosities
  • To create the feeling of loss or incompletion or disappointment and dismay; an insurmountable terrain.
  • To generate blame for why we ‘can’t achieve our dreams’ — yep kids, and the tasks associated with them, become a burden; partners don’t do their ‘fair share’
  • To create pressure for ourselves (because we perform better under pressure?!?!)
  • Needs list
  • Wants list
  • Musts list
  • Shoulds list
  • Shelter
  • Sustenance (food & drink)
  • Sleep
  • Connection (to others AND oneself)
  • Nothing



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Paul Sockett

Paul Sockett

A silly & sensitive storyteller; a word reframer. I am a fierce advocate for Shame- & Scarcity-free choice. 🍦 inspires me: https://ko-fi.com/paulsockett