I can’t remember where I heard the following question, or the exact wording for that matter, but it was put forward as a way of acknowledging our personal preference for getting started/inspired in creative pursuits.

Do you prefer to sit before a blank piece of paper, or a piece of paper with a single word on it?

Instantly my intuition tingled, saying, “The second one. The one-word one.” I couldn’t help but close my eyes in affirmation. …

Photo by Catalin Pop on Unsplash

I wrote a poem for AC.
It’s dedicated to her.
It is also for all and any women who don’t feel seen; who do not feel or have not felt witnessed, honoured, cherished, desired. I know, unfortunately, that is true for a lot of women, which makes me sad; it also makes me feel inspired and curious about how I can use my love of words (and love of playing with words) to show up and offer some sources of acknowledgement, celebration, allyship and awe of the power, softness and elemental connection I witness. …

Yo Yo Yo! Oh, wait, sorry. Why, oh why, oh why…oh!

After your post-wordplay sigh you may ask, “Why do we need to talk about Whys?” Great question.

The more I work directly with people on their Stuff and their relationship with it — and simply watching people exist in the world today — the more I notice that those 3 letters contain a LOT of energy when put together in that order (the ? is not always required); I notice 2 ways in which that energy manifests — curiosity and scarcity.

It’s important to share what I, personally, mean…

🎵 Lists. Hmmph! Good God, dull! What are they good for? The list is ironically endless. 🎵

But seriously. What are they for? Or, more specifically, what have we been taught to use lists for? (Yep, you guessed it! List time…)

  • Writing down everything we have to do
  • Remembering what groceries we want this week (but I bought ice cream a week ago!!)
  • Letting people know what you want for Christmas/The Holidays

Easy question! NEXT!

Whoa there, Skippy!

That’s the Obvious list. I anticipate your “Say what now?!” and restate, That’s the Obvious list. What if I were to say…

Paul Sockett

Telling stories; reframing words; being silly & sensitive

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