I can’t remember where I heard the following question, or the exact wording for that matter, but it was put forward as a way of acknowledging our personal preference for getting started/inspired in creative pursuits.

Do you prefer to sit before a blank piece of paper, or a piece of…

Photo by Catalin Pop on Unsplash

I wrote a poem for AC.
It’s dedicated to her.
It is also for all and any women who don’t feel seen; who do not feel or have not felt witnessed, honoured, cherished, desired. I know, unfortunately, that is true for a lot of women, which makes me sad; it also makes…

Yo Yo Yo! Oh, wait, sorry. Why, oh why, oh why…oh!

After your post-wordplay sigh you may ask, “Why do we need to talk about Whys?” Great question.

The more I work directly with people on their Stuff and their relationship with it — and simply watching people exist in…

🎵 Lists. Hmmph! Good God, dull! What are they good for? The list is ironically endless. 🎵

But seriously. What are they for? Or, more specifically, what have we been taught to use lists for? (Yep, you guessed it! List time…)

  • Writing down everything we have to do
  • Remembering what…

Paul Sockett

Telling stories; reframing words; being silly & sensitive

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